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CSI Card Sentry

One way Bank of Indiana is working to protect your money and identity is with Card Sentry.

Card Sentry is an intelligent system designed to detect unusual activity based upon known patterns or transaction activity on your account.

  • Uses industry standard fraud detection technology
  • 24 hour daily transaction monitoring by experienced Fraud Analysts
  • Review of all card authorizations based on:
    • Transactions Amounts
    • Transaction Velocity
    • Geographical Areas
    • Merchant Category and more…

Card Sentry protects you from: Counterfeits; Lost/ Stolen cards, Fraudulent Activity and more.

Card Sentry Fraud Analysts will contact cardholders to validate transactions when unusual activity is occurring.

Card Sentry Fraud Analysts will block transactions to reduce exposure when fraudulent activity is suspected.

All of this saves you time and money. Bank of Indiana and Card Sentry are here to help. Contact your local branch for more information.

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