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Bank of Indiana

On April 5, 2013, Bank of Indiana entered into a Purchase and Assumption Agreement with First Farmers Bank and Trust. As we draw closer to the time of conversion, we ask that you pay close attention to the mail you receive from both Bank of Indiana and First Farmers Bank & Trust, as it will contain valuable information regarding the transition of your account(s). Be assured that it is the intention of both participating banks to make this transition as seamless as possible to our customers. Customers’ deposits will continue to be fully insured by the FDIC up to the limits set by the FDIC.

Both Bank of Indiana and First Farmers Bank and Trust look forward to continuing to offer our customers service excellence as well as additional products and services upon the conversion, scheduled for October, 2013. Please contact your banking representative should you have additional questions concerning this transaction.

December 24 - Christmas Eve - 8 am to 12 pm eastern time (Wire and ACH cut off 11 am)
December 25 - Christmas Day - CLOSED
December 31 - New Years Eve - Normal Banking Hours
January 1 - New Years Day - CLOSED

Card services

Visa Debit Cards/ATM lost/stolen

During bank hours: 1-877-320-5107

After bank hours: 1-800-264-4274



By federal law, as of 1/1/2013, funds in a noninterest-bearing transaction account (including an IOLTA/IOLA) will no longer receive unlimited deposit insurance coverage, but will be FDIC-insured to the legal maximum of $250,000 for each ownership category.

For more information, visit http://www.fdic.gov/deposit/deposits/unlimited/expiration.html

Hamlet Banking Center hours changing effective December 10, 2012. For more information go to About Us and click on Hamlet Banking Center.
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